The 2013 line up of speakers at the Interlink Conference in Vancouver, BC was a terrific mix of professionals recognized for crafting a better web. These are some takeaways from the talks on responsive design, workflows, copywritting, project managent, color, web accesibility.  The golden circle 3 Speakers had it in their presentations, so yeah it is something you should understand. This principle applies to any endeavour you can take because it is related to inspiration. Here is the TED talk where I learned about this concept a while back and saw the huge difference... more
  If you sell products with an e-commerce site you should consider joining marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Google Shopping.  What makes Google Shopping special is that you can link your store to your Adwords PPC campaign and unlock the Product Listing Ad  (PLA) display. Have you ever seen something like this in the search results? The picture and the price right there in the search results drag much more attention than the text listings around it. According to Kenshoo’s findings, “eye-catching” PLAs draw about one and a half times the click through... more
The first step in the journey towards a marketing goal is to know where you are standing. One of the more important things to do as part of the initial assessment is also one of the easiest; searching online directory listings. If you are just starting your journey this is a good place to begin; specially if you operate from a single physical location. A company is more likely to receive attention in map style directories when their customers can easily relate them to a physical address. You might be surprised of all the listings you already have but didn't actually created, that is the magic... more
  I had the chance to attend the launch of Google's Engage program in Canada a while ago. Google presented his latest study on the mental model of marketing and how it changed with online media. They introduced the Zero Moment of truth (ZMOT) to demonstrate how important the web is for businesses, so I think it is a good theme for the first blog post. ZMOT in a nutshell The first moment of truth between a brand and potential customers used to be in the shelf/store. But today people research before deciding to visit a store. Searching online is at the same level or eclipsing... more